Convenience, value, and reliability.

Those are just a few of the benefits of being an Aaro Companies customer. We offer a one-stop-shop for all things related to building maintenance and cleaning. Whether you need supplies for your own janitorial team, or a team of reliable cleaning and maintenance personnel, Aaro Companies delivers.



Janitorial Services

Put your best foot forward for your employees and customers. Every day.

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Building Maintenance

Protect your investment and your environment, one project at a time.

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Window Cleaning

Through your windows, customers and employees see just how much you care.

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Janitorial Supplies

Quality products and supplies delivered to your door when you need them.

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About Us

Since 1945 we have provided quality janitorial services throughout the Detroit Area.

During this time, we have grown to be one of the most highly respected companies currently operating in the building services industry.


We Use Safe, Environmentally Friendly Products that Work


  •  1 product with 2 dilutions to replace numerous products.
  •  Reduced toxicity…without sacrificing effectiveness
  •  Streak-free, effective glass cleaning…without ammonia
  •  Reduced waste and time with automatic measured dispenser


  •  General Purpose Cleaner, safe to put on anything you can put water on
  •  Streak-free, effective glass cleaning…without ammonia
  •  Neutral pH product resulting in no residue build up.
  •  EPA registered sanitizer / virucide kills 99.9% of specific common bacteria and viruses.
  •  Blended with renewable resource ingredients that are biodegradable.
  •  Low VOC’s and non-asthmagenic.