AARO Companies

Since 1945,
Companies have been trusting their building investment to the professionals at AARO.

Window Cleaning

AARO offers commercial and industrial window cleaning services featuring:

  • Non-invasive work schedules

  • Interior, exterior and partition glass

  • Wall washing

  • Scheduled programs

  • Florescent light cleaning

  • Diffuser cleaning

Since 1945, we have grown to be the most highly respected and innovative company in the window cleaning field.

Reverse Osmosis

New Technology in Window Cleaning.... Reverse Osmosis!!

In early 2007, Aaro Window Cleaning made a new addition to the window cleaning crew. The RO was added to our line of services.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis is purifying water used for cleaning the windows by removing all of the impurities.

Why should we use Reverse Osmosis window cleaning?

There are a number of reasons why RO window cleaning is beneficial:

    • Windows stay cleaner longer.

    • In most cases, eliminates the use of ladders.

    • Green, no chemicals or detergents are needed.

Aaro can service any size commercial, industrial or institutional facility in Southeast Michigan.

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